Services » Consulting

Based on the results of an informal assessment or on the specific requirements of the company, we offer consultancy in executing software process improvement projects (SPI). When planning such an SPI, we always take into account the actual situation of that company, and make use of all software quality elements, good practices, tools, techniques, models, templates etc. existing and used at the company.

We recommend to our customers to use the quality approach, standard or model that best fits their needs.

Our experience helps us in giving, besides theoretical knowledge, practical support to our customers, regarding e.g. concrete steps to follow when developing a project management system, modelling the processes of the company. We also support introduction of new techniques and tools. We use our practical experience when we support measurement planning by applying GQM paradigm, introduction of function point counting, connecting quality goals to business goals.

We support teaching and introduction of PSP (Personal Software Process) by the side of our partner, the ESI.