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SQI participates in research projects connected to software quality. One of our main research projects is the Multi-model Process Improvement.

Ongoing research projects:

  • TECH_08_A2-SZOMIN08 - Software quality assurance service-package for open document format applications. Main purpose of the project: developing software quality assurance services for the applications of the ISO standard Open Document Format. Some applications conforming to this standard: and its derivatives like Sun StarOffice, IBM Lotus Symphony, MultiRáció EuroOffice 2008, and extensions and add-on modules connected to these applications.Secondary purpose:  developing software quality assurance tools and services for the mobile and telecommunications environment, and XML (ODF) verification of document exchange.Members of our company working also at the Technical University Budapest participate in the project in the task:” Developing product and process based qualification schema for ODF applications and mobile environment”.This task has the goal to develop an ISO 9126-based and a CMMI-based qualification schema that can be applied for ODF applications and mobile environment. Internal, external and quality in use metrics will be determined. The results of the code analysis will be used, as well as the test environment provided by the partners of this project. The result of this task is a quality profile based on ISO 9126 and an other based on CMMI, that can be used to understand and measure the quality of the ODF applications and of the applications in mobile environment.
  • The SQI Ltd. is a sub-contractor of Polygon Informatics Ltd. in a two years long R&D project, having the goal the development of an automated CMMI-compliant process support tool.
  • SQI also participates in NESSI. Main goals of the project: to expand the NESSI-Hungary Software and Services National Technology Platform, to elaborate its basic documents (Vision, Strategic Research Agenda, Implementation Plan), to establish and maintain cooperation with national and international partners giving them a solid professional background for decisions of policy-makers, as well as to find the way how the Platform can be maintained as a self-sustaining organization

The following projects are supported by National Office for Reseach and Technology (NKTH)

Contribution of our employees to earlier research projects

  • Within the tender “TST-GVOP-2004-K+F- 3.3.1” SQI coordinated the project “Development in Hungary of world-class services connected to software quality improvement and auditing”. Our research within this project was related to defining a methodology and building a software that would help software companies in choosing the software quality models and / or standards best fitting their needs.
  • SQI was member of the project started within ” KKK-GVOP-2004-K+F-3-2-2” tender, having the scope to build up and make functional a large Information Cooperation and Research Center . The research executed in this project is related to making a survey about life cycle and quality models most used by Hungarian software companies, and using these results to compare the Hungarian situation to the world-wide trends. This helps in defining a long-term software-quality -related strategy for Hungarian companies.
  • PHARE project: HU9607/01/01, Machine Industry Export Marketing Programme, 1999-2000
  • OMFB-PHARE project : application of TD&QM, H 9305-02/1028: PM2 methodology, 1996-1997
  • TEMPUS-CUSE_S_JEP-07771-95 project, in software technology and software quality topic, 1994-1997
  • EU-Framework5: SILK.