Training » Software testing and quality assurance intro


1 day


95 000 HUF (+VAT)


no exam


After accomplishing the course, participants know the fundamental techniques of the software testing, they can orient in the quality assurance approaches connected to software testing. They know the basic principles and techniques of the software testing and the requirements of the related standards. We emphasize the importance of the testing thorough the full software development lifecycle.


The aim of the one-day course is acquainting the listeners with the basics, fundamental techniques and methodologies of software testing. Beyond presenting the basic principles of testing, the course shows how the testing appears in the different quality assurance systems, standards, models and approaches. The listeners can develop their organisation’s testing process after the accomplishment of this course.

Recommended for:

Quality assurance specialists, QA leaders, junior software testers, software developers.


Software developer, software tester or software quality assurance basics are required.


Participants get acquainted with basics of software testing, verification and validation. We present the place of testing in the software development process, and in the standard ISO 12207, V-model, CMMI, PSP, TSP, IEEE 1028:2008, TMMi and RUP. We present static and dynamic testing techniques such as peer reviews, black-box and white-box testing. We demonstrate decision-table based testing, boundary value analysis and equivalence class testing through practical examples. DD-path analysis, TDD, unit testing and OO testing will be mentioned as well.


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